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About Us


It is a beautiful morning, wind is calm and the sun is just about to rise. You have been waiting for this day since forever.
The checklist is simple: rod, reel, fly line, leader and some good looking flies.
You are now heading to your favorite fishing spot - You are about to make new memories.

It is a perfect day for fly fishing.

Relaxation, fresh air, peacefulness, good-fellowship, untouched nature, excitement, fresh air - What’s not to like?


Fly fishing is our passion – Fly fishing is our job – Fly fishing is our calling.
We all come to work every day because fishing is what we love.

Fishingflies is a webstore run by a company called Veiðiflugur, which is the Icelandic word for fishing flies.
In Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, we operate a Fly Fishing Pro Shop.

Our goal has been the same since we started in 2009 – to offer premium flies that are tied to last.
Demands of high quality, durability and robust craftsmanship are always met to the full extent.


Our flies are now used in all parts of the world, whether it’s in Argentina when chasing sea trout or Canada fishing for steelhead,
in Scandinavia casting for brown trout or in Russia hitching a salmon.




We hope you like our webstore and that you will enjoy every second of fly fishing.

Tight lines,
Fishingflies staff.